My love language is words of affirmation hence you ought to give me validation

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Just like with horoscopes, tying yourself to a label and explaining your “zodiac sign” is a way to project your emotions, traits, and beliefs. Or like a Rorschach test, you observe an image and provide your interpretation, more often than not, the interpretation is an oversight to your thoughts, personality, and emotional functioning.

Money and seeking information activate the same reward system in the brain.

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Scrolling through my phone among various social media outlets — from vertical video format, 280-word tweet, or a refined image portraying all sorts of lies. I would listen to a podcast while driving, watch TV shows while eating, listen to lo-fi while I work, and doom-scroll on my breaks, before bed and the minute I wake up.

How did I end up here?

Why am I constantly yearning to stay up-to-date?

Most of our work requires us to stay informed and relevant to the fast-moving environment. However, it…

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Clubhouse is an audio-chat social networking app where people can join to listen and engage in various topics. Limited to invitation-only and iPhone users, the App can be overwhelming at a first glance. It seems there are many industry professionals taking on the lead, however, there are also various random chat rooms that hold literally any topic.

Clubhouse is an asset if curated properly. The intention stays true with whatever resource you take on and that is: what do you want to take out from this?

Do you want to learn more about different cultures? (Tech, business, etc..)

Once you…

A guide to internal peace of mind.

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From song lyrics, movie lines, and whatever iteration it’s expressed, many of us heard the line “If you love something, let it go”.

It may seem unnerving at first to think of some valuable possession thrown out or a loved one forsaken for the sake of “love”. It is easy to misinterpret the saying where the fear of neglect shrews our judgment so we dismiss the concept altogether.

As someone who heavily invests in self-development for the betterment of my mental health, this concept was reintroduced to me by accident.

Navigating through self-development…

And I was surprised.

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To me, the Apple Watch is an indispensable part of my routine. Strap on before leaving the house and charge it before going to sleep.

A journey to re-discovering your purpose

A time when I felt lost. Experimenting with landscapes and props using a mirror.

What is my purpose?

What am I good at?

What if I have nothing to offer?

To be frank, I feel lost as to how I will be writing this. Not sure how to start and if this is the right way to address something deeply philosophical. Am I entitled to guide others? Should I instead recommend books of authors more qualified? Alas, I digress.

Feeling lost is often construed as purposelessness. The feeling of being in a familiar setting but oblivious to where you stand. Filling your day with various tasks yet feeling…

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Before we delve into why Facebook gaming may be the right platform for you as an emerging streamer, let's talk timelines:

Facebook gaming was launched in 2018.

Twitch in 2011.

And YouTube gaming in 2015.

You may ask, what about Mixer? Well, it shut down and now they’re moving their partners, streamers, and viewers over to Facebook gaming:

On July 22nd, all Mixer sites and apps will automatically redirect to Facebook Gaming. Existing Mixer Partners will be granted partner status with Facebook Gaming, and any streamers using the Mixer monetization program will be granted eligibility for Facebook’s Level Up program…

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On behalf of my depleted sanity, I would like to thank everyone that is here today and those who have sent their condolences to 2020 in form of “Happy New Year”. A phrase also signifying ‘We made it’.

There are plenty of blogs titled “20 things you forgot that happened in 2020” as though this not-so-gentle-reminder was the last thing we needed before entering 2021 like entering a movie without a trailer or IMDB’s rating.

We all entered 2020 thinking it will be lit.. unbeknownst to us, it was literally lit... on fire.

This time it’s different. Amidst the mental…

Would you pay $2,500 for an all-you-can-travel subscription?

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Global Passports? Work from Home? Travel Subscription Services?

A year riddled with “don't expect the expected”, companies have started to form contingency plans in effort to survive the year of “spend less, save more” mentality. As ironic as it sounds to create campaigns to push people to spend more when that is the last thing on their mind, but somehow, it worked.

A New Paradigm Shift in Air Travel?

Imagine stumbling across YouTube only to find a video of yourself titled “The World’s Ugliest Woman”.

Well this is exactly what happened to Lizzie Velasquez.

I have searched YouTube endlessly to find the original video as though, me, pinpointing the source would lead me to bring justice… Alas, its been years since the video has been published and surely people have made it their mission to bring that narcissist, entitled human down.

Finding solace in a world where people would tell you “Please do the world a favor, put a gun to your head and kill yourself” seems counterintuitive.


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